The way that I work with women to help them achieve their health goals is unique for each client. I take in where you are, where you've been and I create a plan to encourage your body to return to balance and heal itself, when possible. 

In order to achieve this I draw on a combination of the following methods:


I choose evidence-based herbal protocols to help your body regain balance and health.


Herbs are prescribed in various forms depending on the client's needs. From teas to tinctures (liquid form) to standardized extracts in capsule delivery, there are many ways to customize the plan to suit you best.  

I only prescribe herbs that I know will not interact with any pharmaceutical medications you are taking, if applicable. 

Herbal Medicine
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As you may have heard, food really is medicine! It still amazes me how choosing to consume different foods can have a big impact on our hormones, our energy and our ability to feel really well. 

I combine the latest evidence in sound nutritional concepts with the reality that changing our food comes with mental and emotional challenges. 

I don't buy into the 'all or nothing' mentality and aim for short-term therapeutic nutritional plans and long-term sustainability.

We maintain a focus on enjoying food and maintaining healthy behaviours with food



Research continues to show us the incredible connection between our physical body and our mental/emotional state. By listening deeply to your story, the path you've taken to get to the state of your current health, I get a sense of possible emotional connections to the imbalance your body is portraying. 

This is an emerging field of medicine and I do occasionally refer to other practitioners in the field of psychology, counselling, somatic therapy if needed. 

I also work with the Shamanic energy healing techniques I've been trained in with The 8th Fire. (more below).

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On occasion, treatment plans require a larger amount of vitamins or minerals than we could get in the diet alone. 

Nutrients gleaned from our food is the ideal way to support our health but for some health conditions, evidence points towards using therapeutic doses in order to stimulate better health. 

If possible, I like to eventually wean clients off of taking nutrients supplementally and focus primarily on the diet for support. 


When listening to your symptom picture isn't enough to properly diagnose there are many options available to us to get to the root cause of your issues,

  • We can ask your family doctor to order blood tests or imaging.

  • I can order specific blood tests through Gamma Dynacare for a thorough assessment of various biomarkers, hormones, nutrients. 

  • Specialized testing of urine, stool and breath. These are kits mailed to your door for collection and then mailed back to the lab. 

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Shamanic healing represents humankind's earliest known form of healing. The specific training I have focuses on healing on all levels of the being in order to come to wholeness. 

The concept of healing not only the physical body but also the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies requires a different way of thinking about health than how our modern society and culture suggest. 

There aren't many clinical trials that help to support this type of healing, but it does have much evidence in the form of practitioner/client experiences. The techniques taught to me were passed down through many generations of Algonquin Medicine People through The 8th Fire.