About My Online Programs

Enrolling in an online program is a way to commit to your healing on a deeper level. 

Over the course of 3-4 months, you are given a container to begin learning about your body, to impliment the suggestions and teachings and have consistent accountability from Dr. Jada ND as you travel that path. 

The Flourish Method

During this 4 month program, we embark on healing the root causes to stress, burnout and feeling emotionally/mentally and spiritually stuck. 

Your consultations with Dr. Jada ND are focused on understanding your unique needs and perhaps doing some testing to assess various health markers. 

Each month you meet with Dr. Jada ND to reassess your treatment plan and work through the mindset shifts needed to help prevent the nervous system from getting overwhelmed in the future. 

Alongside these 1:1 consultations, you will be enrolled in a weekly educational program to help you understand the big picture of what we are working on. 

'Doctor' is originally an agentive noun of the Latin verb docēre 'to teach'. In this program, you'll be empowered with the knowledge and understanding in order to keep yourself well, ongoing.  

The Wise Woman Program

Do you know what's happening with your hormones as you are trying to conceive? Many women I've seen over the years for ferility support feel really lost and confused when it comes to understanding their cycle. 

This program was born from the passion I feel for ensuring my clients really understand their bodies and all of the ways that they can naturally support healthy egg quality, hormone balance and successful ovulation. 

Working through this 3-month program will allow you to have a full-grasp of where you stand hormonally as well as what you can do to optimize your fertility. 

The 1:1 consultations with Dr. Jada ND allow you to discuss your individualized symptom picture and test results in order to customized a treatment plan. Alongside the appointments with Dr. Jada ND, you are enrolled in a group program that allows you to learn about your cycle, what it all means and how to be able to interpret you body's signals.